JULY 2020

The New Normal: Sandwiched between a Dangerous Pandemic and an Inept Government

Well it has not got better. In fact it is getting much much worse. The rate of infections are increasing massively and the number of people dying has increased massively. Neighbouring countries are actually improving but that is not the case here, it’s getting out of hand. Why is COVID 19 getting worse in this country, who is to blame?

I would point the figure in one direction, the government response. It has been a joke. No lock-down, they just did not bother. No national response, let the regional governors sort out this mess. No leadership, let a spokesperson speak on behalf or the President and Minister of Health, where are they hiding? Encouraging people to pray, that means they will still go to places of worship, that’s the best thing to help the virus spread yet that has been the advise from day one and that is what you can expect when unqualified people get into government positions, completely illogical decisions.

Now for the latest rhetoric, “we will develop a cure for the virus”. Yeah sure you will, I really believe you will a month or two after they have globally discovered a cure and that could be many months from now. It’s just talk, talk from a government that has actually made little or no real attempt to combat this virus. The plan has been to hid the figures by under-reporting and get the population back to work as soon as possible. Lets now ease restrictions when it is getting worse…..illogical and expected.

So in the next month of so when this pandemic continues to worsen expect the government to echo, “it’s the new normal” lets all move forward. They are just masking the truth, they have completely failed. They did not even try they, just want poor people to go back to work and if they are exposed to this virus, oh well we have lots more people to take their place. Maybe you can enjoy a massage with a happy ending while wearing an astronuats helmet.

This mindset will be their undoing in a few months time. The country will be categorised as a high risk place to travel, the citizens will be banned from entering other countries and their will be a lack of commercial flights. Anyone who returns from a holiday will most likely have to go into quarantine for 14 days when returning to their country of origin. Who wants that at the end of a holiday. No this will hurt them economically and the virus will just continue to spread. Tourism will be smashed.

You might be able to fool your own population but you will not be able to fool citizens and governments of neighbouring countries.

Your attempts to massively under-report and hid the figures will only hurt your country. What is worse? A global pandemic or a completely useless government” I would suggest the latter.

June 2020

Fudging the Figures will not cure COVID 19

So the Covid 19 Crissis has been completely miss mannaged and this pandemic is going to get worse and worse while many neighbouring counrties have successfully flatterned the curve and their numbers are decreasing. Am I suprised, absolutely not. It was mismanaged before the crisis even began.

No lock down, no unified national approach to tackle this problem, complete changes in the approach to deal with this problem from one week to another. People still going to mosques and then finally advised that they should consider not going to a mosque and no policing or enforcement or even a definition of social distancing. Just a very poor attempt to deal with this Covid 19 crisis. Combine this with extremely poor leadership and a completely incompetent Health Minister who believed that the Nation was immune to the virus and all that was required was to pray to God. So no, I am not surprised that this is a complete mess.

The Official Figures in Bali are All Wrong

The main concern with the current administration is not to defeat or even fight the pandemic, it is all about keeping face. Not looking completely incompetent. The results coming out on the number of cases and deaths are massively wrong and I mean completely fudged. Their is mass under-reporting. The most important requirement to fight this virus is to track how many people have contracted the virus and how many have died. There is a complete lack of reporting on the cases and deaths. Is this deliberate? Who knows but when the agenda is to keep face anything is possible. The actual figures could be more than 20 times the official reports. The real numbers would be comparable to India and Brazil who currently lead the world with number of infections and deaths but we will never know, at least not in the near futures. Their object was never to fight the pandemic, it was to all about keeping face so they will keep on fudging the figures and massively under-report on cases and deaths. It will not help fight the pandemic, hiding a problem won’t make it go away. When will Bali be safe to visit? Not for a very long time.

May 2020

In A Time of Crisis you soon know the competency and worth of your politicians

People will get the government they deserve, Joseph de Maistre came up with this notion and I am convinced he is absolutely correct. More relevant to the situation today I am a firm believer that a global crisis such as a pandemic is a test for any government. I am not really interested in politics or criticising any individuals or governments so I speak in general terms if critical and more specific if complimentary.

Well I have to say many countries around the world have been tested and are doing extremely well thanks to good governments and leaders. The challenge has been great sadly so has the death toll in countries around the globe but so many politicians have shows their leadership, resourcefulness and ability to perform under pressure. In stark contrast we have seen in countries very close to home the absolute opposite. We have witnessed politicians and governments make an extreme effort to pretend, that’s right pretend to fight this global pandemic.

Certain governments and politicians have resorted to insinuating their country is immune to the pandemic due to the tropical and humid conditions of their country. None of this had any scientific basis even when neighbouring countries with the same environmental conditions were reporting the outbreak. Some politicians would try to convince the masses that they are yet again in some way immune to this pandemic because of their faith in God and if they continued to pray to God then they would all be protected. Once again with absolutely no scientific evidence that a God exists let alone care about one of the most destructive species on the planet, humans. Some politicians have bragged and boasted they had zero cases of the pandemic when neighbouring countries were reporting a sharp increase in cases. They were just too good, too effective with their quarantining measures. No, they simply were not doing testing, well less than one person per million, hence no reports of the pandemic. Yes these type of responses are typical of a government that is doing a great job and pretending to fight the pandemic.

They the complete fudging of the figures, where would we be without distorting the numbers. A certain government at the onset of hearing the virus was spreading in their country still reported no deaths, wow. No deaths that’s amazing. Off course it was too good to be true. Apparently the hospitals where patients had died did not report the deaths to the governments and that’s why the death toll suddenly jumped from zero to a few hundred. It was the fault of the doctors and medical professionals for not telling the government, yeah right.

The best way to fudge figures is simply to massively under report all the cases by not testing enough and all the deaths by simply not filling in the cause of death on the death certificate. That’s all one needs to do to continue to look good. Unfortunately the WOW, neighbouring countries and anyone with half a brain won’t believe this crap but strangely enough most people in this particular country will because they are brainwashed and stupid.

So now that the figures have been fudged lets hide from the cameras and get spokes people to talk on the governments behalf and not answer any questions. Yes one way communication. Let’s have no national approach to solving this pandemic, lets get the local governors to manage this situation and in a few months when it is completely out of control we will have someone to blame. Awesome we have scapegoats. Finally when the death toll is in the thousands lets have no lock-down, who needs a lock-down.

You get the picture. Countries like Singapore, UK, Italy, Spain, Malaysia New Zealand and Australia have all dealt with this pandemic and are still dealing with it but the effort and steps taken have been truly amazing. These countries, while not politically perfect have the right people to lead them though this crisis. These countries have truly got the governments they deserved and very fine ones indeed. Meanwhile in other courtiers some government officials think women can be impregnated from seamen if they swim in a pool a man has swam in. Yeah speechless. Just remember you too will get the government you deserve. When the world returns to normality we can stop talking about politics and relax with a happy ending massage and visit Bali again.

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HI Bali right now is saturated with COVID 19 and is 20 - 30 times high than what is currently reported. We will look after you when this awful pandemic is over.