February 2021

Is it Safe to get A Happy Ending in Bali?

Surprisingly we still get alot of people contact us via our WhatsApp plugin wanting a sensual massage and other related services and many have a question that is very important. It is safe while the Chinese Pandemic has spread all over the world to get a Happy Ending Massage?

The answer is very frustrating. We are sadly living in a world where some simple pleasures are just no longer safe. Now if you have been vaccinated well all is well and yes you can enjoy our service with complete safety by that is not the case right now. For now while the vaccine is still not available to most people wearing a mask and social distancing are the best preventions. You can’t get a massage and socially distance yourself let alone one that is intimate and sensual. So right now the answer is no.

If you are fortunate enough to live ouside of Indonesia and have a comptent Government then you may be a few weeks or a few months away from being vacinated but if you are iu Indonesia then you will have to most likely wait for herd immunity. The Government will do an excelent job here at roling out the vaccine. They will do an excellent job looking after the top 1 percent of Indonesian society, the rich and of course the top .1 percent, the super rich. But the vast majority of the countries 280 million people are on their own. They will most likely not get the vaccine. Why?? They are simply not considered important.

There you have it, the brutal truth. The bottom 99% will have a better chance of reaching herd immunity than getting vaccinated. What can you do,? Make sure you get your vaccine before coming here as the place is swarming with the virus. There is no panic, no concern just massive underreporting . Again the Government here looks after the rich and that means looking after their assets and investments. So focusing on the economy is the priority and well the bottom 99%, they are cannon fodder. So sit back and be grateful that you are living in a country which actually has a plan to help the majority of the population and not just the top 1%.

In a few months international flights will resume, boards will reopen and you can come to Bali lay back and let one of our therapists pull down your pants and let their hands and mouth do the work. Finally remember before you get on that plane get your vaccine.

January 2021

Finally It’s 2021 Time to Embrace a much Better Year and say Goodbye to a Dreadful one

Well we can all agree on one thing, 2020 was a very strange and unplesant year. The Chinese pandemic has reached all parts of the globe and infected tens of millions. It has impacted on everyones lives but there is good news. Very good news, its 2021. We are ready for a change and back to normality. It’s coming. There is not one vaccine, there are many vaccines, our scientics, viroligists, our best and brightest minds have done it. They have been able to beat this aweful Chinese pandemic. We are still here, we are still breathing and that means in a short time we can get immunised and return to normal life.

I know you want to come back to Bali. I know you want to get on an air plane without fear of breathing in someones COVID 19 germs in the recycled air. I know you want to actually go to a resturant of bar again with freaking out because the person behind you sneazed or coughed. It not too long before we can all relax and enjoy the simple pleasures again. I have to say, its been a humbeling experience. We have all been brought down a peg or two and it was probably needed but we have all endured enough and the end of this dreadful situation is near. The light at the end of the tunnel is bright. There is one peace of infomtion I must share with you.

Make sure you get vacinatied before coming to Bali

That right. We want you to be safe. The Government in Indonesia and Bali has basically ignored the pandemic. They have only focused on the economy and as expected placed human lives last. That’s is to be expected, not a suprise at all. So the situation here is so bad they have been underreporting the pandemic, if they did the same amount of testing as America they would have the same if not more cases. However there is no need to panic, just get the vaccine.

‘Guys and Girls soon you will be back in Bali and you can unload your love juice in my month’

I also need to be pragmatic, I am writing this in January, Bali will not open for perhaps a few months and international travel will not normalise for a few months. Whilst being positive I would write off the first three months of 2021 and in the second quarter I would expect things to improve fairly rapidly. By mid year I would expect life to be back to normal and international travel should be back on the agenda. Now it would be no fun at all meeting one of our lovely ladies and wearing a mask or being scared to touch each otehr. So once again, make sure you get your vaccination.

In truth it has been a year of mass stupidity, selfish behaviours, a mass lack of empathy for the greater good, a year filled with disinformation and more specifically mass social fake news. Not wearing a mask has become a political statement and a significant amount of people in Indonesia and Bali and wear a mask on their chin or not wearing a mask at all. Some are wearing a mask then taking it off to have a conversation. Am I surprised no. The average IQ in Indonesia is 86 so I would expect mass stupidity. from the people and absolute incompetence from the government and that is exactly what I have seen. But the good news is this mess is nearly over. Soon we will be back in business and you can call us for a massage that is sensual relaxing and you can if you are a guy you can blow your load or if you are a woman you can gush your juice into one of our lovely therapists mouths.


Possibly12 million undetected cases of covid 19 across Indonesia

If you are in a house that is on fire and you close your eyes is the house still on fire? Off course it is. It’s now December and Bali is a complete mess as is the rest of Indonesia but you would not know about it because everyone has their eyes shut tight.

Expect a lier to always tell lies and hide the truth. Expect an idiot to always be an idiot and do the wrong thing. So in a country where is a basically mandatory to be totally corrupt with an average national IQ of 86 combined with a none existent health system what would you expect from the people in power or populace. Tell the truth and act in a responsible manner. Yeah right.

If Indonesia did they same number of tests as the USA would they have more cases?

The official government figures report there are around 600,000 COVID 19 case and considering the population is 270 million that does not seem that bad, except its a total lie. The only thing they are doing is massively underreporting this pandemic.

Now the average IQ is 86, definitely not the smartest bunch of people and well there are 270 million of them so that is a whole lot of ignorant irresponsible people. Social distancing, yeah right!!!. No one is socially distancing or wearing a mask. No, I am wrong. They are wearing a mask when they are on a motorbike and then when they visit their friends and families people are taking it off. That’s what you can expect from really ignorant people. Imagine 90-95% of 270 million people are on a regular basis not wearing a mask or socially distancing. It’s not going to help is it.

Then the health system. Totally none existent. In fact it is so bad Indonesia ranks lower that Laos for health care. Lower than Laos, wow!!! It has the worst health system in all of South East Asia. When a family member is sick especially an elderly person the cultural norm is for the whole family to visit and look after the sick person. This is possibly the worst thing you can do in a pandemic. Oh no I’m wrong. The worst thing is to deliberately underreport and they are already doing that in fact they have done that from day one. It makes total sense to under-report, with a national IQ of 86 you can pretty much say anything and the populace will believe you.

So when considering the population, total failure of the government to have a lockdown or act in a responsible manner I can with confidence conclude that if Indonesia did the same number of tests as the USA then they would exceed 12million which is the current number of cases in America. Actually no I am wrong again. They would simply lye about the test results and completely fudge the data. If you want to distort the truth, if you want to be ignorant and close your eyes to reality then you and the mindless masses around you are responsible for your predicament. Bali is a total mess but you would not even know it. Ignorance is bliss. On a brighter note, I wrote an article last month about a religious nut job encouraging his followers to gather in large group, finally after several weeks they arrested the nutjob.

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HI Bali right now is saturated with COVID 19 and is 20 - 30 times high than what is currently reported. We will look after you when this awful pandemic is over.