Julia Perez: A Role Model to Millions of Young Indonesian Women Julia Perez was simply a woman who knew what she had and was not ashamed to use it and flaunt it. Julia came from humble beginnings like many women in Indonesia and was expected to conform to societal norms but that was not her […]

June 2020

Fudging the Figures will not cure COVID 19 So the Covid 19 Crissis has been completely miss mannaged and this pandemic is going to get worse and worse while many neighbouring counrties have successfully flatterned the curve and their numbers are decreasing. Am I suprised, absolutely not. It was mismanaged before the crisis even began. […]

May 2020

In A Time of Crisis you soon know the competency and worth of your politicians People will get the government they deserve, Joseph de Maistre came up with this notion and I am convinced he is absolutely correct. More relevant to the situation today I am a firm believer that a global crisis such as […]

April 2020

I’m Sucking On A Cherry But I Would Rather Suck On You Well sometimes the strangest things happen out of the blue. Bali a bustling and vibrant tourist destination is now like a ghost town and it is not just Bali. Destinations, cities and countries all over the world are in complete or semi shut […]

March 2020

Don t Make a Whore A House Wife In Bali I recently went to a friends wedding and it was very very interesting. The guy was from the UK, he was a white guy in his mid 30s originally from Portsmouth, his nickname was Jim. The girl was Indonesian but not Balinese, she was from […]

February 2020

Double Oral Double The Pleasure I once had a boyfriend from Holland and all he would do is eat me. He could not get enough of me, at least three times a day he would rip off my pants and go-to work. I really enjoyed the time we spent together. It was also a new […]

January 2020

Bukkake parties fun wild safe and great for the skin. People today are becoming more and more open minded. They are exposed to new things and want to experience new things first hand. Women have finally becoming more liberated and the great news is women in certain misogynistic cultures particularly in the Middle East and […]

December 2019

Natural Oral is Essential and A Sign of Respect in Bali One of my girlfriends confessed she gives her boyfriend a blow job with a condom. I initially though she was joking and did not take her comment seriously. Then I soon realised she was serious. I was shocked. I would never give oral with […]

November 2019

Facials are the ultimate sign of respect Many guys enjoy climaxing of their partners face or mouth. Why? It’s just sexy and visually and physically very satisfying. It’s not rocket science, if people, lots of people are doing it then their must be a reason and that reasons is not overly complicated. Now this may […]

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