If you have a complaint about our service or have an issue regarding the nature of this business read the below

There are two reasons you are on this page. One is if you have a complaint about the service we have provided you. I will say this with full confidence, 95% of our clients are very very happy with our service. The delivery for the most is professional well priced and extremely satisfying. Now 5% of people may have issues but these 5% of people seem to have issues with everything in life. We are catering for the 95% of people who are content and pleasant individuals. If you have a genuine complaint then we want to here about it so please share your feedback by filling in the below form.

If you have an issue with the nature of our business and the service we are providing and are offended by the material and theme of this site well we are also offended.

We are offended by governments around the globe ignoring environmental destruction on a scale that is so vast it can have a massive negative impact on humanity and countless other species and ecosystems. We are offended by governments plagued with systemic corruption at every level. We are offended by mafia organisations masquerading as police enforcement. We are offended by greed that is so out of control millions of people are starving and living in poverty. We are offended by religious zealots enticing violence because people have a different way of life.

Our clients are very happy customers. The therapists are extremely happy servicing our clients and get paid very well. We are simply not hurting anyone and if you are still offended then that is your choice and we don’t care.

Payment for this service is for sensual therapy. It is good for the mind and body. Touch, gentle caressing of the body, relaxation, and both male and female orgasm is very healthy for the body. The client is not paying for sex but rather a sensual therapy. If this does not comply with your moral code then don’t book one of our therapists . We are not in Bali or Indonesia and this is just one business of several dozen we run in different locations across multiple countries. We embrace an open mined world view and don’t subscribe to cultural dogma. This service has been practised for thousands of years throughout the ancient world and thanks you us will continue. If you still feel a desire to make a complaint fill in the below form.

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