Welcome to Bali experience a Happy Ending Massage, get a Hand Job and enjoy Paradise

So you are in Bali and are in need of a happy ending massage. That's great, we can help you

It’s now ’September 2020 and Very Soon we will be Wide Open for You!!!

When people are on holiday in Bali they want to relax and have fun.  A nice cold beer, some exotic food, sight seeing and well why not get a relaxing sensual experience with a handjob for blowjob.  Yes that sounds perfect and in the privacy and comfort of your own villa or hotel, wow this sounds even better.  Now lets be clear this service is not just for men, women too can enjoy an clitoral massage or a hot kiss from another women.  You are on holiday, be bold and adventurous, try new things with confidentiality and comfort. Everyone wants a Bali Happy Ending Massage, don’t you?

This service is professional and reliable, our website displays information and pricing and pictures easily allowing you to make a booking but the service is really between just you and the happy ending massage therapist.  Two people, one person wants a pleasurable experience the other an expert at providing pleasure.  We are not interested in paying off or involving corrupt third parties who will only increase the price of this service and add zero value, no as said before this is between you and the therapist.  We are not in Bali or Indonesia and have zero regard for anyone else except your welbeing and the welbeing of the therapist.

Our Goal:  To provide a pleasurable experience for you in Bali.  Call it a Happy Ending or Blow Job or Clitoral massage.  It’s private confidential affordable and extremely pleasurable


Our service is affordable. We want you to have as many blow jobs or hand jobs or figure/clit massages as possible and we want you to enjoy Bali and have maximum pleasure and relaxation during your stay on this beautiful island.  A nice cheap meal is great, after a full day of sight seeing a foot massage is awesome but there is nothing better than a great cock suck or fingering.  Men and women alike you are most welcome to make a booking and enjoy the service we provide. We post News Updates at least once a month so enjoy some of our articles.

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