April 2021

It’s 2021 and that means it’s time for the girls to have their fun as well

Everyone is entitled to feel great and experience deep relaxation including pleasure. For many years men have been indulging in pleasurable activities without shame or guilt. It’s as if they have a right to experience pleasure and with many partners. Well times have changed and women can now experience such delights.

Women in South East Asia and Bali for a very long time have swarmed around white men. Personally I don’t see a problem with this. Women are attracted to the alpha, the victor. They are biologically programmed to seek out the strongest and most successful mate. In Asia a white man is no longer a white man, they are the great white man. They can choose from many women and have many women give them pleasure all at the same time. I am an Asian female and I love white men, there is no greater turn of than being intimate and even dominated by a youthful, attractive and well built Norther European. It’s a turn on.

When you return to Bali make sure you get a girl on girl sensual massage from us

Interestingly things have recently changed. Asian women are also attracted to white women. They would not dream of being intimate with an Asian woman but will be very happy and eager to provide sensual pleasure for a white women. So no longer is it just about a man getting his pole stroked and caressed by an exotic oriental female. Now a Western woman can also get her hole poked and eaten by the same exotic Asian woman. Bali is no exception, you can experience this service but you will have to wait. We are still suffering from this awful Chinese pandemic, thanks China. When tourism bounces back you to can experience erotic sensual pleasure and enjoy a happy ending massage. Available for both men and women

March 2021

It’s now March, why is that significant. Well it’s because the first quarter is nearly at an end. It is no longer a new year. How is Bali doing? Bali is actually a real mess but no one is talking about it. The place resembles a ghost town, so many businesses are gone and most will never return. All you can see are shops, restaurants and bars with a sign either saying closed or for rent and no new tenants are moving in. How many people are out of work? How many people have lost their incomes? Well according to the government, everything is normal, in fact everything is ok.

Well what would you expect from compulsive lairs who have only one goal and that is to make as much cash as possible. Everything is not normal, it is a complete mess but lets all just keep pretending everything is fine. The new normal, mass denial of reality. Oh well I guess ignorance is bliss.

When will this mess start to get better is the question on everyone’s minds? That is everyone with an IQ above 100, the average IQ here is 86 so you can pretty much say anything and they will believe it. A true paradise for corrupt politicians. So when will things actually start to improve? The answer is probably next year. That’s right, there has been absolutely no improvement and the first quarter is nearly over so I would imagine it will improve slightly, very slightly by the conclusion of the second quarter and there goes half the year. So give it another half a year and lets call it late December. Yes by then things should start to be getting back to normal but even then it will be much quieter.

This is exactly what one can expect, no this is what people who deny reality deserve. If you cannot be bothered to test for this virus properly and report the real figures, if you cannot be bothered to lock down and contain the spread of this virus and if you convince yourself and others everything along with wearing a mask on your chin is safe and normal and there is nothing to worry about. Well reality will slap you in the face. Bali was smashed in 2020 and it will continue till the end of 2021. The rhetoric will be everything is great, everything is fantastic. Yes tell the locals that when they run out of money and no tourists come visiting soon because everyone knows the place is swarming with COVID 19. Let’s blame someone, lets blame the bule living in Bali. What are they doing? They must be working illegally, many they are making money on the computer. Lets charge them, tax them, anything, we need a scapegoat for everyone’s frustration.

Things will get better when people start getting vaccinated so it is up to foreign countries to vaccinate their people because the population in Bali and Indonesia won’t be vaccinated for many many months to come. It is simply beyond the ability of the officials to organise the most basic of tasks, forget mass immunisation. So we will open when Bali opens, most likely next year and you can once againg enjoy a sensual massage.

February 2021

Is it Safe to get A Happy Ending in Bali?

Surprisingly we still get alot of people contact us via our WhatsApp plugin wanting a sensual massage and other related services and many have a question that is very important. It is safe while the Chinese Pandemic has spread all over the world to get a Happy Ending Massage?

The answer is very frustrating. We are sadly living in a world where some simple pleasures are just no longer safe. Now if you have been vaccinated well all is well and yes you can enjoy our service with complete safety by that is not the case right now. For now while the vaccine is still not available to most people wearing a mask and social distancing are the best preventions. You can’t get a massage and socially distance yourself let alone one that is intimate and sensual. So right now the answer is no.

If you are fortunate enough to live ouside of Indonesia and have a comptent Government then you may be a few weeks or a few months away from being vacinated but if you are iu Indonesia then you will have to most likely wait for herd immunity. The Government will do an excelent job here at roling out the vaccine. They will do an excellent job looking after the top 1 percent of Indonesian society, the rich and of course the top .1 percent, the super rich. But the vast majority of the countries 280 million people are on their own. They will most likely not get the vaccine. Why?? They are simply not considered important.

There you have it, the brutal truth. The bottom 99% will have a better chance of reaching herd immunity than getting vaccinated. What can you do,? Make sure you get your vaccine before coming here as the place is swarming with the virus. There is no panic, no concern just massive underreporting . Again the Government here looks after the rich and that means looking after their assets and investments. So focusing on the economy is the priority and well the bottom 99%, they are cannon fodder. So sit back and be grateful that you are living in a country which actually has a plan to help the majority of the population and not just the top 1%.

In a few months international flights will resume, boards will reopen and you can come to Bali lay back and let one of our therapists pull down your pants and let their hands and mouth do the work. Finally remember before you get on that plane get your vaccine.

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HI Bali right now is saturated with COVID 19 and is 20 - 30 times high than what is currently reported. We will look after you when this awful pandemic is over.