Julia Perez: A Role Model to Millions of Young Indonesian Women

Julia Perez a role model to Indonesian women
Julia Perez doing what she does best, using her sexuality to gain power and money

Julia Perez was simply a woman who knew what she had and was not ashamed to use it and flaunt it. Julia came from humble beginnings like many women in Indonesia and was expected to conform to societal norms but that was not her path and she has encouraged millions of women in Indonesia to embrace their sexuality and femininity to break free from misogynistic cultural and religious repression.

Julia was a very attractive woman and used her asserts to gain fortune and fame. The path was not easy, she frequently clashed with religious nut-jobs and misogynistic pigs who wanted to keep women like her in their place but she was not one to take a backward step. She had great looks and a hole and was going to utilises these assets to their full extent.

Julia made many movies and was an entertainer in public and also very opinionated. She would frequently flaunt her sexuality and encouraged young girls to embrace their sensual side and use their looks, sensuality and hole to make money and enjoy life. Julia was known to date many men especially westerners which infuriated insecure Indonesia men who did not agree with her conduct and more specifically her ability to influence young women to follow her example.

Julia was a party girl, an extrovert and a social light. Her image was one of a sexual woman who not only had many encounters in private but would publicly let people in the media and fans know what she was up to behind closed doors. The main point with Julia was she was reaching out to the average young Indonesian woman and encouraging them to be just like her. The message was loud and clear, use your hole to get what you want. A promotion, a guy, money use it if you have it and know how to use it. If you don’t know how to use your hole be a real woman and learn how instead of some slave who cooks food for a misogynistic pig.

As much of a role model as she was religious nut jobs and chauvinists absolutely hated her and Julia would openly let them know she did not care. Sadly receiving too much cock from too many men might have taken it’s toll on poor Julia’s hole, she eventually contracted cervical cancer and now this beautiful inspirational woman is top soil but her message lives on. Use your hole, it’s your power, go out there and get what you want.

Julia has inspired many women who work with us and if you want to enjoy their company in Bali with a sensual massage or more then make a booking.. This Chinese pandemic will be over soon and we will be back.

JULY 2020

The New Normal: Sandwiched between a Dangerous Pandemic and an Inept Government

Well it has not got better. In fact it is getting much much worse. The rate of infections are increasing massively and the number of people dying has increased massively. Neighbouring countries are actually improving but that is not the case here, it’s getting out of hand. Why is COVID 19 getting worse in this country, who is to blame?

I would point the figure in one direction, the government response. It has been a joke. No lock-down, they just did not bother. No national response, let the regional governors sort out this mess. No leadership, let a spokesperson speak on behalf or the President and Minister of Health, where are they hiding? Encouraging people to pray, that means they will still go to places of worship, that’s the best thing to help the virus spread yet that has been the advise from day one and that is what you can expect when unqualified people get into government positions, completely illogical decisions.

Now for the latest rhetoric, “we will develop a cure for the virus”. Yeah sure you will, I really believe you will a month or two after they have globally discovered a cure and that could be many months from now. It’s just talk, talk from a government that has actually made little or no real attempt to combat this virus. The plan has been to hid the figures by under-reporting and get the population back to work as soon as possible. Lets now ease restrictions when it is getting worse…..illogical and expected.

So in the next month of so when this pandemic continues to worsen expect the government to echo, “it’s the new normal” lets all move forward. They are just masking the truth, they have completely failed. They did not even try they, just want poor people to go back to work and if they are exposed to this virus, oh well we have lots more people to take their place. Maybe you can enjoy a massage with a happy ending while wearing an astronuats helmet.

This mindset will be their undoing in a few months time. The country will be categorised as a high risk place to travel, the citizens will be banned from entering other countries and their will be a lack of commercial flights. Anyone who returns from a holiday will most likely have to go into quarantine for 14 days when returning to their country of origin. Who wants that at the end of a holiday. No this will hurt them economically and the virus will just continue to spread. Tourism will be smashed.

You might be able to fool your own population but you will not be able to fool citizens and governments of neighbouring countries.

Your attempts to massively under-report and hid the figures will only hurt your country. What is worse? A global pandemic or a completely useless government” I would suggest the latter.

June 2020

Fudging the Figures will not cure COVID 19

So the Covid 19 Crissis has been completely miss mannaged and this pandemic is going to get worse and worse while many neighbouring counrties have successfully flatterned the curve and their numbers are decreasing. Am I suprised, absolutely not. It was mismanaged before the crisis even began.

No lock down, no unified national approach to tackle this problem, complete changes in the approach to deal with this problem from one week to another. People still going to mosques and then finally advised that they should consider not going to a mosque and no policing or enforcement or even a definition of social distancing. Just a very poor attempt to deal with this Covid 19 crisis. Combine this with extremely poor leadership and a completely incompetent Health Minister who believed that the Nation was immune to the virus and all that was required was to pray to God. So no, I am not surprised that this is a complete mess.

The Official Figures in Bali are All Wrong

The main concern with the current administration is not to defeat or even fight the pandemic, it is all about keeping face. Not looking completely incompetent. The results coming out on the number of cases and deaths are massively wrong and I mean completely fudged. Their is mass under-reporting. The most important requirement to fight this virus is to track how many people have contracted the virus and how many have died. There is a complete lack of reporting on the cases and deaths. Is this deliberate? Who knows but when the agenda is to keep face anything is possible. The actual figures could be more than 20 times the official reports. The real numbers would be comparable to India and Brazil who currently lead the world with number of infections and deaths but we will never know, at least not in the near futures. Their object was never to fight the pandemic, it was to all about keeping face so they will keep on fudging the figures and massively under-report on cases and deaths. It will not help fight the pandemic, hiding a problem won’t make it go away. When will Bali be safe to visit? Not for a very long time.

May 2020

In A Time of Crisis you soon know the competency and worth of your politicians

People will get the government they deserve, Joseph de Maistre came up with this notion and I am convinced he is absolutely correct. More relevant to the situation today I am a firm believer that a global crisis such as a pandemic is a test for any government. I am not really interested in politics or criticising any individuals or governments so I speak in general terms if critical and more specific if complimentary.

Well I have to say many countries around the world have been tested and are doing extremely well thanks to good governments and leaders. The challenge has been great sadly so has the death toll in countries around the globe but so many politicians have shows their leadership, resourcefulness and ability to perform under pressure. In stark contrast we have seen in countries very close to home the absolute opposite. We have witnessed politicians and governments make an extreme effort to pretend, that’s right pretend to fight this global pandemic.

Certain governments and politicians have resorted to insinuating their country is immune to the pandemic due to the tropical and humid conditions of their country. None of this had any scientific basis even when neighbouring countries with the same environmental conditions were reporting the outbreak. Some politicians would try to convince the masses that they are yet again in some way immune to this pandemic because of their faith in God and if they continued to pray to God then they would all be protected. Once again with absolutely no scientific evidence that a God exists let alone care about one of the most destructive species on the planet, humans. Some politicians have bragged and boasted they had zero cases of the pandemic when neighbouring countries were reporting a sharp increase in cases. They were just too good, too effective with their quarantining measures. No, they simply were not doing testing, well less than one person per million, hence no reports of the pandemic. Yes these type of responses are typical of a government that is doing a great job and pretending to fight the pandemic.

They the complete fudging of the figures, where would we be without distorting the numbers. A certain government at the onset of hearing the virus was spreading in their country still reported no deaths, wow. No deaths that’s amazing. Off course it was too good to be true. Apparently the hospitals where patients had died did not report the deaths to the governments and that’s why the death toll suddenly jumped from zero to a few hundred. It was the fault of the doctors and medical professionals for not telling the government, yeah right.

The best way to fudge figures is simply to massively under report all the cases by not testing enough and all the deaths by simply not filling in the cause of death on the death certificate. That’s all one needs to do to continue to look good. Unfortunately the WOW, neighbouring countries and anyone with half a brain won’t believe this crap but strangely enough most people in this particular country will because they are brainwashed and stupid.

So now that the figures have been fudged lets hide from the cameras and get spokes people to talk on the governments behalf and not answer any questions. Yes one way communication. Let’s have no national approach to solving this pandemic, lets get the local governors to manage this situation and in a few months when it is completely out of control we will have someone to blame. Awesome we have scapegoats. Finally when the death toll is in the thousands lets have no lock-down, who needs a lock-down.

You get the picture. Countries like Singapore, UK, Italy, Spain, Malaysia New Zealand and Australia have all dealt with this pandemic and are still dealing with it but the effort and steps taken have been truly amazing. These countries, while not politically perfect have the right people to lead them though this crisis. These countries have truly got the governments they deserved and very fine ones indeed. Meanwhile in other courtiers some government officials think women can be impregnated from seamen if they swim in a pool a man has swam in. Yeah speechless. Just remember you too will get the government you deserve. When the world returns to normality we can stop talking about politics and relax with a happy ending massage and visit Bali again.

April 2020

I’m Sucking On A Cherry But I Would Rather Suck On You

Well sometimes the strangest things happen out of the blue. Bali a bustling and vibrant tourist destination is now like a ghost town and it is not just Bali. Destinations, cities and countries all over the world are in complete or semi shut down. Who would have guessed this would have happened when we were all celebrating on new years day a few months back.

The world as we know it is on pause, for how long is really unknown but girls in Bali have nothing to suck on and that means no money. We crave big pink western sausage and now all we are left with is the small brown mutilated variety. No thanks and no way.

It’s not just the girls, the whole island is empty and no one is making money. All the plush restaurants, bars, cafes, boutique shops, they are all sufferings and we are all pondering upon the same questions. When will this end and when will tourism pick up.

The answer is very unclear at this stage as the pandemic has not really kicked in but it has had a massive negative impact on the local economy and this impact will remain for the rest of 2020. How can it possibly get better? People all over the world have lost money and people are still scared to travel. It is one thing to get through this bitter storm but it is another thing altogether for an economy to u turn and for tourism to pick up. It could be worse, people globally are dying so lets priorities. Health is number one.

Many nations around the world are imposing travel restrictions, many air carriers are cancelling flights so the services industry and more specifically the tourism industry globally has been completely smashed. What are people to do, simple live cheap, live real cheap at least till the new year. Some like myself who reside in Singapore can rely on a competent and responsible Government for support and a plan. Others who live in Bali and other developing countries with inept governments will have to endure these hard times but at least the daily expenses are affordable.

The most important thing right now is to practice social distancing and this means being by yourself for the time being. So one great way to pass the time is to surf your favourite websites with some hand cream lotion near by and enjoy distressing knowing that in a few weeks you will be able to practice what you are watching and that is a comforting thought. If you are a girl remember to stock up on those batteries as they will be drained after a few hours of pleasure.

It is not that bad spending time with ones self and pleasing ones self, now is the ideal time to make the most of the situation. We are all in the same boat regardless of the country we are in so we can all relate. It can be tough, us girls cannot get our favourite protein shake fresh from the source, we are used to getting a few servings throughout the day. How well, once this is over and things return to normal you know exactly where to go if you happen to be in Bali and require a sensual massage. I guess for now I will have to just suck on some fruit.

March 2020

Don t Make a Whore A House Wife In Bali

I recently went to a friends wedding and it was very very interesting. The guy was from the UK, he was a white guy in his mid 30s originally from Portsmouth, his nickname was Jim. The girl was Indonesian but not Balinese, she was from Sumatra. They were finally doing it, they were getting married. His family few all the way from the UK to be with him on his special day as did many of his friends. The girl AKA Rose was in her early 30s, she has a daughter from a previous marriage, and apparently a model. Strangely her mother and father were no where to be seen. In fact not even on of the girls aunts or uncles were present on her wedding day. How peculiar it thought.

Then I looked at the guests at the wedding. I had just arrived from Singapore and was in Bali for a few days and had known the groom for some years. Most of guest were guys from the UK Europe or Australia and all of their partners and I mean all of their partners were Indonesian women but not from Bali. They were all from Java Sumatra or some other island and they all had a similar style of dress and mannerism. They were sexy but seemed to lack sophistication, education and class and all of them had very dark skin.

I’m a woman and it takes me half a second to work out another women. They all had something in common, they were all whores. The situation was the same, none of them had a job, none of them worked. Most of them were married previously to an Indonesian man, most of them had at least one child from their previous marriage, they all had tattoos, they all had a very sexual way of dressing, most of them were apparently models but strangely could not remember the modelling agency they worked for and were past it in terms of age and were not really tall enough to be a model. Apparently they were all good Muslim girls who loved to drink. Hmmm a very interesting picture.

My friend Jimwas a very sweat guy, he was also very naive. I had known that Roe and Jim had many issues previously and had broken up many times. Jim would leave Bali from time to time and stay in the UK to earn money for 2 to 4 months to earn money. Issues centred around Rose constantly being seen in bars and clubs with other guys. It was not even a once off, it was an every night occurrence. Bali is a small place, all Jim’s friends would go to the same clubs/bars as Rose. She would not even hide it, she would tell his friends to keep quiet and not say anything. So why was she constantly seeing these other guys behind poor Jim’s back. Simple, it was her job. That is correct, she meets guys on a daily basis,seduces them and gets paid money.

It was not only Rose who was doing this. Girls talk to girls and many of the girls at the wedding were telling me how hot I was and were encouraging me to make money after the wedding in the clubs and bars. The old saying is, birds of a feather flock together and all these girls at this wedding were whores. The bride sadly was very popular and a very well known good time girl. She even previously worked at a very well known Massage and Entertainment venue called the Palace where a girl would get 8 – 10 customers in a single night.

What is strange is that Jim was fully aware of this, he did not seem to mind the fact that his wife had swallowed over 1000 guys loads of cum and had been pounded by several thousand guys in the past few years. In fact it actually seemed to excite him. The last I have heard is he still goes overseas frequently and she is still seen in the clubs when he is away. They have a baby boy together and a dog. They have a happy home, he has come to accept what she is, a housewife and a whore as are all her friends. The objective of these women is simple. Make money long term by marrying a Westerner and make more money when their husbands backs are turned but opening their legs in the clubs and bars. Don’t be a fool like these men. If you want some sensual pleasure in Bali contact us and make a booking. Don’t make a whore a housewife in Bali.

February 2020

Double Oral Double The Pleasure

I once had a boyfriend from Holland and all he would do is eat me. He could not get enough of me, at least three times a day he would rip off my pants and go-to work. I really enjoyed the time we spent together. It was also a new experience for me as I was not always being eaten from the front. On many occasions he would just bend me over and has he termed it, eat dinner or desert. He would also frequently rim me and a session of oral with this crazy Dutch boy would last at least one hour. He would often say Asian women taste and smell very different to Western woman and further comment much much more tasty.

Just when I thought things could not improve they did. He was a bit of a freak and open minded so one day when his friend a German guy came to visit they both went to work on me at the same time. Now the pleasure of having one guy lick and tongue your pussy and another guy tongue and lick your butt hole is incredible. I cant describe the feeling in words but one thing is an absolute certainty. You must try it, you must if you are an open minded pleasure seeking woman allow two people to eat you and give pleasure to both your holes at the same time and this is a service we can help facilitate.

When a woman and man make a couples booking, One therapist will come out to see them, the role of the therapist is to give oral pleasure to both the man and woman, If you chose to engage in intercourse with your partner the therapist is an additional mouth or tongue who will provide oral pleasure to both members. A woman can perhaps for the first time experience her clit being tongued while she is being penetrated by her partner. This is extremely pleasurable for the lady but also a visual turn on for the man. Two tongues in two holes at the same time penetrating in and out can also be a real turn on for the woman.

Equally important the guy can enjoy double oral. Two women working the shaft is very pleasurable as is one working the pole and the other working the sack. A guy being able to climax in two mouths is also a real turn on and memorable experience

The whole point of this service is to experience new pleasures that you may have seen in an adult movie and want to try. Why not you are in Bali and are engaging in affordable discrete pleasure so if you happen to be on holiday and require an extra mouth or tongue then contact us and we will help your fantasy come to reality.

We fully encourage men to penetrate their partners while the therapist provides oral on their pole and partners hole/clit and we encourage both partners to finish in the therapists mouth or face. They love providing this sensual and classy service.

January 2020

Bukkake parties fun wild safe and great for the skin.

People today are becoming more and more open minded. They are exposed to new things and want to experience new things first hand. Women have finally becoming more liberated and the great news is women in certain misogynistic cultures particularly in the Middle East and South Asia are now finally becoming more liberated and expressing themselves sensually.

We have seen of recent times Asian women and white men dating more and more and this will in the future become even more prevalent as Asian women who attain more freedom, money and knowledge will choice white men over Asian men. Things don’t really change but they move in cycles. The 80s thanks to AIDS was extremely conservative as was the 90s and 2000s. We are finally loosening up and going back to the orgies and key parties or the 60s and 70s but not exactly the same.

Bukkake parties are becoming more and more popular. What is a bukkake. If is when more than two ie several men ejaculate on a lucky woman’s face. Basically covering the woman’s face with cum. It is much much safer than a gang-bang as there is a chance someone wont wear a condom when engaging in penetrative sex. With a bukkake there is no penetrative sex. Most of the time the woman will provide hand-jobs or the male participant will ejaculate on the women’s face or in their mouth. Their are no condoms and many men don’t like wearing condoms so a bukkake party is an excellent and safe alternative. Once a guy has blown his load he is happy and relaxed and many be able to go back for round two. It’s a group activity and is a real experience.

An open minded woman will find a bukkake a real turn on. She is literally surrounded by hard throbbing cocks, every woman’s dream. Again no penetration just a lot of pulling and hand job action until each guy unloads on her face. Interestingly this is extremely beneficial for the woman’s skin, many women who experience regular bukkake have extremely soft skin and look many years younger than their years suggest.

Bukkake is great fun for the male participants and the very lucky lady in the centre of all the action. I hope to see bukkake parties become more and more popular over the next few years especially with Asian Middle Eastern and South Asian woman who are rapidly becoming more liberated and dating white men instead of following cultural expectations and living a subservient life and being limited to only one man who usually is inadequate on every level. Women deserve better and both men and women deserves wild raw fun that is safe. If you are in Bali and at present unable to book a bukkake party we have the next best solution. You can book on of our therapists and they will be only too glad to receive your warm load either in their mouth or on their face. So be sure to contact us for some sensual fun.

December 2019

Natural Oral is Essential and A Sign of Respect in Bali

One of my girlfriends confessed she gives her boyfriend a blow job with a condom. I initially though she was joking and did not take her comment seriously. Then I soon realised she was serious. I was shocked. I would never give oral with a condom. I asked her why she gave oral with a condom and her response was even more suprinsing, she said she has always done it that way and will not change. No suprise her boyfriend soon broke up with her and this is a common issue with her. She can’t keep her man for very long.

I was compelled to give friendly advise. I asked her it she has ever had guys go down on her and off course she said yes. I asked her it they used a plastic bag over private parts when performing oral on her and she said no, touch on clit. Then she say the double standards. I gave her a dose of friendly and honest advise. I told her she needs to stop insulting her partners and show they respect. Oral with a condom is a slap in the face or any red blooded man. Further more I and many of my female friends believe swallowing is the ultimate sign of respect and a way to keep a man satisfied again and again. Swallowing shows your man you will do anything for him and welcome his load in it’s rightful place. If you are an asian lady as I am and want to get with a white guy this is even more so important, it is an expectation. When a guy goes down on a girl, there is an expectation. Touch on clit, nothing in the way. So ladies wake up, when you blow your guy make sure you show him respect. Natural oral and swallowing are expected.

Now for the great news. If you are on holiday in Bali and want a relaxing sensual massage with a happy ending we practise what we preach so oral is natural and feel free to unload in the mouth otherwise the therapist will be disappointed and thing you have not had fun.

November 2019

Facials are the ultimate sign of respect

Many guys enjoy climaxing of their partners face or mouth. Why? It’s just sexy and visually and physically very satisfying. It’s not rocket science, if people, lots of people are doing it then their must be a reason and that reasons is not overly complicated. Now this may come as a surprise but women also love it when a guy blows his load all over their face or in their mouth. Their man has climaxed and his has left his mark, it is a sign of total satisfaction.

Now some people think this is disgusting or disrespectful, we don’t care much about those people. There world is full of angry and jealous people who cant have full erections or get wet and lubricated. That is their problem and if they are upset that people enjoy sensual experiences then we simply don’t care. I am a woman and have enjoy multiple partners and if they don’t finish on my face or in my mouth I will assert my female dominance and give them a hard kick. I expect to taste my partners DNA, their is nothing more fulfilling.

It is 2019 and when people are together their should always be respect so it’s time for us girls to show our partners the highest level or respect and allow them the privilege of unloading on us. Now for some very interesting trivia, seamen is actually very good for the skin so don’t thing it is some kind of poisonous acid. Now off course if you are parting with money for some oral pleasure with one of our therapists be assured they not only expect but will look forward to you depositing in their mouth or face. It is somewhat liberating to discuss and share this information with you. Be sure to check out our prices if you want a happy ending massage and are in Bali

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