April 2021

It’s 2021 and that means it’s time for the girls to have their fun as well Everyone is entitled to feel great and experience deep relaxation including pleasure. For many years men have been indulging in pleasurable activities without shame or guilt. It’s as if they have a right to experience pleasure and with many […]

March 2021

It’s now March, why is that significant. Well it’s because the first quarter is nearly at an end. It is no longer a new year. How is Bali doing? Bali is actually a real mess but no one is talking about it. The place resembles a ghost town, so many businesses are gone and most […]

February 2021

Is it Safe to get A Happy Ending in Bali? Surprisingly we still get alot of people contact us via our WhatsApp plugin wanting a sensual massage and other related services and many have a question that is very important. It is safe while the Chinese Pandemic has spread all over the world to get […]

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HI Bali right now is saturated with COVID 19 and is 20 - 30 times high than what is currently reported. We will look after you when this awful pandemic is over.