September 2019

Ban Sex no Ban stupid religious zealots

I have long suspected people who become ultra prudish and use religion to stop people expressing their sensuality have some very serious inadequacy.  Maybe, it does not work, they cannot have an erection, or the moisture has all dried up and sexual pleasure is impossible.  They end up becoming jealous and hate what they can no longer experience and go on some crusade to ensure everyone must be miserable like them.

I think it is an outrage that a government, a very feeble government all too frequently yields to the demands of ultra prudish religious fanatics who are extremely vocal, aggressive and act with fear and intimidation.  The problem is they are bullies and have been able to, in certain societies been aloud to intimidate bully and control.

It is 2019 and thankfully now I can see every action these zealots take will be very soon be met with and equally powerful action from the students.  Students are young, energised and will not be intimidated by these religious nut jobs who have a hatred for sexuality.  So I implore students in their tens of thousands to not protest against a flaccid government but turn your attention to the root cause of the problem.  You know who these radical groups who are, always angry, always offended and always using religion to get their way.  You know who the leaders of these prudish controlling groups are so in your tens of thousands go to their house in the early hours of the morning and take your protest to their doorstep.  Off course I believe in peaceful demonstration but all to often these groups who try to stamp on you at with intimidation and violence to be prepared to defend yourself and bully the bully on their their doorstep.

Life is short have fun and have sex with who you want when you want.  Perhaps one great day we won’t focus on banning sex with non married couples and instead consider it’s time to ban long gone beliefs written thousands of years ago that are followed without question.  If you are in Bali and want a blow job feel free to contact us.   And if you are offended get a life.

August 2019

Menage A Trois, Are Threesomes all that?

So man guys and in fact many women fantasise about having a Menage A Trois, also know as a threesome.  Why do people fantasise about engaging in such an activity?  Well because it is perceived to be taboo, to be very bold and adventurous and also very pleasurable and fun.  So these are the perception, what it is really like?

So the first type of Heterosexual Threesome we will explore is where you would have one man and two women.  The guys is the King here and he has two women pleasing him but a good lover has a duty to please their partners.  So the guy on this occasion better to fit because he is going to have to put in some work.  He is going to experience two women in the bed and have better had is breakfast and coffee because it is going to be a workout.  The women may be into each other but more usually they will not want to touch each other and may get some performance anxiety or feel insure if one women physically is alot more desirable that the other.  If the women are into each other then this can be a real turn on for the man and for both women and I guess this is the ideal scenario.   Two women giving oral to the man at the same time can be a real turn on.  Before engaging in a Menage A Trios, it is best all parties know and are comfortable with each other.  On occasion during this activity one women will be submissive and will be totally dominated by the other woman and man.  This type of role play can also be a huge turn on.

The alternative to this is two guys and one girl.  This type of Threesome is becoming alot more common nowadays as women are becoming more sexually liberated.  The ideal is both men are very comfortable in each others presence and both please the woman.  The woman in turn pleases both men.  Usually one man will penetrate the woman while she gives oral to the other man.  Both men pleasing the woman and giving oral to the woman at the same time is a huge turn on and again role play can be adopted.  Commonly if one man is much better endowed he will take the role of the “Bull” and his role is for deep hard penetration and is the dominate partner.  The man who is notably smaller will be the “bench warmer”.  His role is to support the “Bull” in pleasing the woman and while the “Bull” penetrates he will caress the woman’s breasts and they will interchange between the “Bull” penetrating and the “Bench Warmer” giving oral pleasure.  The “Bench Warmer” may not even engage in penetration and many just be there to orally stimulate the woman.  Double Penetration can also be performed.  One man penetrates the pussy and the other the ass.  This is a fun position where everyone is happy. The man on the top is the dominate male.  The woman can be face down or face up.  Both men ideally are very comfortable being fully nude in each others presence.

Now one tip is to get a big enough bed.  Three people on a bed means you will need a full size bed.  Most importantly we believe you should if you have not already engage in a Threesome experimenmt and partake .  We are experts in turning fantasy into reality so if you are in Bali and want a threesome, blow job or happy ending massage contact us.

July 2019

The Not So Innocent Foot Massage

Well it is not the first time we have talked about foot massages.   On several occasions we have drawn parallels between getting a foot massage and a hand job.  Their isn’t really much of a difference they both feel great are health promoting and well are very pleasurable.

Like the genitals the feet and toes are loaded with nerve endings so touching and caressing the toes and feet feel very pleasurable.  The toes and feet have nerves that connect to the spinal cord and other parts of the body.  Reflexology is a practice where by massaging certain areas of the foot is believed to cure the body of ailments.  This practice is controversial but many swear by it.

What we do know is that by massaging the toes and other parts of the feet can produce a very pleasurable and sensual feeling.  It is different for each person but for example we had one client state that massaging his forth toe up and down was producing a similar sensation receiving a hand job.  Another person stating that massaging the soft area in the middle of the sole of the foot was deeply pleasurable.

Why does this occur.  Well because this area of the body has thousands of never endings as previously stated and these nerves are like the roots of a tree, they run deep through the body and are very sensitive to both pleasure and pain.

So when customers receive a deep food massage they may be experiencing deep pleasure and may even climax.  Other areas of the body that produce a similar response area the hands and figures and spinal area.  They like the feet and toes are loaded with nerve endings that respond to touch.

The body can be tuned to experience pleasure it is not just the genital area than produces a pleasurable sensation when caressed so be brave be bold and allow our therapists to explore your body and create bliss.

June 2019

Large Vagina Lips Hot or Gross.

Many people in particular women consider large pussy lips to be disgusting and an absolute turn off.  Men are more varied in their preference some think its attractive and a turn on while others find it off putting.  Some women show off their lips and add ear rings and all kinds of piercings to them while historically some tribles have removed them in a similar way the male foreskin in removed something i cannot fathom and will never accept.

Larger lips usually mean more nerve ending which can mean more pleasure or a greater sensation for a woman endowed with larger lips. This really is just speculatory but i personally think they make for something interesting to gaze upon.  Again we are generalising once more but from a hygene point of view their may be a bit more scrubbing required or perhaps a bit more attention to part and open when washing.

Lip reduction surgery is a multi million dollar industry and women who are uncomfortable with their larger than regular lips will seek surgery to make them reduce in size. Many men would dissaprove of this practice but then it is not their bodies and everyone has a choice

My thoughts on the matter ae simple. If you have it be proud of it and show it off and if your have small or normal sized vaginal lips then be happy with what you have.  As long as everything works down there and you can feel pleasure then give yourself or better still get someone else to give you an orgasim.   As for pleasure it would be interesting to find if guys are more turned of or if the sensation and pleasure is hightened when penettating a woman with large vaginal lips.

Feb 2019


Well the short answer is no. Wait well yes and no. I have a preference as a woman and that is an uncut cock. This is however a personal preference. If you have sex with an uncut guy and a cut guy and they both wear condoms then they will feel the same. If you take off the condom their is a difference in the way a cut and uncut cock will feel. My preference is definitely for the uncut cock. Is simply slides in a lot easier. The foreskin retracts on entry and it is just easier to get in.

Obviously the cut cock is cleaner and has no odor but the uncut cock can be clean if washed recently. Uncut cocks do have an odor but no way as strong as a woman’s pussy. Basic hygiene takes care of this problem.  I recently had a threesome with my girlfriend and another guy who was cut, his cock had a very strong odor but that was because he has just come out of my friends hole.  If you stick your finger in that will also smell if it has been up a hole.

Visually a cut and uncut cock that is retracted as seen in the picture below look every similar and both are appealing however I think the uncut cock looks more interesting. An uncut cock with the foreskin rolled over the glans however does not look very appealing. Once again these are personal opinions.

I will say that jerking off an uncut guy and giving them a blow job is much more easy and more fun as well. Guys that are uncut from my personal experience are usually more sensitive as well. Nature indented cocks to have foreskin so why mess with that because you belong to a stupid religion. My preference is uncut all the way but if your stupid parents gave you the snip there is not real major different so be happy with what you have got. Are you in Bali and require a blow job or happy ending massage? You know who to contact.

Jan 2019


Women of color and Asian women if they had a preference to screw a guy what guy would come to their mind.  Guess what it is not a guy from their ethnic group.  Research indicates that is way too boring.  When I girl is after wild sex, sneaky dirty sex she has a strong preference to go for something different.  Something that is taboo and seek out a man not from her ethnic group.  It’s more fun but their are biological evolutionary factors at work here.

Woman are attracted to the dominant male.  The conqueror, the provider, the protector. They are after the victor, the champion.  Now this is not politically correct but which ethnic group has gone around and pretty much dominated the whole globe. That would be Europeans, more specifically Northern Western Europeans.

Women of color and Asian women find these men very attractive physically.  Tall, muscular well proportioned lean and far more imposing than men of their ethic group.  The perception is they are physically more capable and able to protect and overpower other males.  This is a massive turn on for a women who genetically wants to reproduce with the most dominant male.  Then there is the sex.  The ideal screw partner has the package.  Women of color and Asian women find it an incredible turn on the be penetrated by a big white cock.  Well a white to pink cock to be specific.  Look at the image below and ask yourself could a Chinese or Indian or Mexican guy match this image in the bedroom.  Hell no!!!  And there you have it.  That is why so many unmarried ethnic and Asian women creep with white guys.


People know Kuta to be a cheap place to hand out and drink lots of alcohol.  Yes that is correct, that is why people goto this dive of a place.  It is full of tacky souvenirs that are massively marked up and no longer a bargin.  In fact I know many places in Singapore that are cheaper.  The area also attracts lots for Bogans “rednecks from Australia” who are after some cheap food and cheap women.  Brown girls love white cock, and in Kuta there are plenty of brown girls and plenty of white cock.  No be very careful, there are plenty of massage parlours offering a happy ending massage or hand job or blow job but most are just a complete waste of time.  To get this type of service the parlour will have to pay off corrupt officials in uniforms “you know the type” who are consumed by greed and add zero value.  So who pays for this, you do the consumer.  There is a better way, contact us and we will ensure you get your dick sucked and stroked for a very good price that is extremely satisfying.  The service is in the privacy of your own villa/hotel and you just have to pay one person, the girl providing the service.

Kuta the place for a happy ending massage, blow job or hand relief.  Time to enjoy paradise.

If you came to Kuta and did not experience the below for well under $100 you did not really come to Bali.  Don’t miss out, before you head off to the airport get on that Plane back to where ever you have come from make your you experience the wonders of the Island.  Cold beer and let the professional unzip your pants and go to work.


We are not too far from Bali in another Tropical Island called Singapore.  We have head that the volcano in Bali has settled down which means more tourists will be arriving and there will all be wanting a cold beer, cheap tasty food and will also want some relaxation time.  I personally love lower back massages and neck massages but my favorite kind of massage is a 30 – 45 minute foot massage finished off by a hot Asian girl eating my pussy.  I find this very stress releasing .

Again ladies if you want a woman on woman massage we encourage you to take a 2 hour massage especially if it is your first time.  Your first massage of this nature will take much longer for you to relax and enjoy the pleasurable experience, I know I am a woman and am talking from personal experience and alot of my female friends also have shared their experience with me.

Guys who have never paid for pleasure also at least for their first time should book a 2hrs massage, it is ultimately up to you but if you want an amazing memorable time in Bali start with 2hrs call us again and maybe 1hr will then suit you.  It’s the middle of 2018 and the World Cup is on!!!!  I think it will come down to the England and France.  Time will tell.

White Guys love Asian Chicks, Well Asian Chicks love eating out white girls!!!

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