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Laurenzha Augustine AKA Sammy

Some girls in Bali work do this job for money but a rare few actually do this because they love being with lots of different guy and girls. Larinza aka Sammy aka Laurenzha Augustine is one such girl. She just gets of on having a guys cock in her mouth until he blows his load. A prerequisite, to cum in her mouth otherwise she will not be happy.

She is into girls as well. Larinza loves helping another woman enjoy and organism and loves eating out a womans private parts or engaging in a sixty nine. Larinza is not shy and will be happy to look after a couple so that they can experience a climax together and both expereince larinza’s experiences tough.

She may Laurenzha Augustine may be young in age but has the experience or a well versed escort. She has over a very short period of time see over 50 happy female clients, 50 couples and well over 500 men. Larinza came to Bali to make money and be with as many western guys and girls as possible before settling down.

Laurenzha /Sammy really knows the art of pleasure and will be more than happy for your regardless of if you are a man or women to orgasm in her mouth.

Rumour has it that she is engaged and getting married soon so hurry up and make a booking before her talent is only available to one lucky man, well when he is not looking be sure she will be up to her old habits and desires so contact us and make a booking with Laurenzha Augustine

Laurenzha Augustine AKA Sammy swallows cum eats pussy great fun. Available in Bali for men women and couples
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