Possibly12 million undetected cases of covid 19 across Indonesia

If you are in a house that is on fire and you close your eyes is the house still on fire? Off course it is. It’s now December and Bali is a complete mess as is the rest of Indonesia but you would not know about it because everyone has their eyes shut tight.

Expect a lier to always tell lies and hide the truth. Expect an idiot to always be an idiot and do the wrong thing. So in a country where is a basically mandatory to be totally corrupt with an average national IQ of 86 combined with a none existent health system what would you expect from the people in power or populace. Tell the truth and act in a responsible manner. Yeah right.

If Indonesia did they same number of tests as the USA would they have more cases?

The official government figures report there are around 600,000 COVID 19 case and considering the population is 270 million that does not seem that bad, except its a total lie. The only thing they are doing is massively underreporting this pandemic.

Now the average IQ is 86, definitely not the smartest bunch of people and well there are 270 million of them so that is a whole lot of ignorant irresponsible people. Social distancing, yeah right!!!. No one is socially distancing or wearing a mask. No, I am wrong. They are wearing a mask when they are on a motorbike and then when they visit their friends and families people are taking it off. That’s what you can expect from really ignorant people. Imagine 90-95% of 270 million people are on a regular basis not wearing a mask or socially distancing. It’s not going to help is it.

Then the health system. Totally none existent. In fact it is so bad Indonesia ranks lower that Laos for health care. Lower than Laos, wow!!! It has the worst health system in all of South East Asia. When a family member is sick especially an elderly person the cultural norm is for the whole family to visit and look after the sick person. This is possibly the worst thing you can do in a pandemic. Oh no I’m wrong. The worst thing is to deliberately underreport and they are already doing that in fact they have done that from day one. It makes total sense to under-report, with a national IQ of 86 you can pretty much say anything and the populace will believe you.

So when considering the population, total failure of the government to have a lockdown or act in a responsible manner I can with confidence conclude that if Indonesia did the same number of tests as the USA then they would exceed 12million which is the current number of cases in America. Actually no I am wrong again. They would simply lye about the test results and completely fudge the data. If you want to distort the truth, if you want to be ignorant and close your eyes to reality then you and the mindless masses around you are responsible for your predicament. Bali is a total mess but you would not even know it. Ignorance is bliss. On a brighter note, I wrote an article last month about a religious nut job encouraging his followers to gather in large group, finally after several weeks they arrested the nutjob.


A Pandemic vs A Pandemic

Last month I wrote and article on religion and intelligence. One month later I came across a great example of religious fanatics doing what they do. It’s not hard find a group of religious fanatics acting completely irresponsible, arrogant and causing potential public danger.

In Jakarta, Indonesia the leader of a fanatical religion group in the middle of a pandemic organises a massive gathering. Which religion would allow such a group of irresponsible people to participate in such an event. The religion that causes 95% or more of the worlds religious related atrocities. The leader of a group decides to celebrate their so called prophet’s birthday along with the marriage of his daughter. What can this man do to openly defy Covid 19 restrictions. Invite thousands of followers into a room where it is so packed it’s impossible to socially distance. Yes in the middle of a pandemic let’s invite thousands of people. This is a very powerful action, it’s a clear message. Power!!!

This religious leader is exercising absolute power, he is making his own rules and demonstrating how weak the politicians really are. Any politician with a backbone would have the gathering stopped and the organisers fined or locked up. Unfortunately the prerequisite to be a politicians is to be an invertebrate along with being totally corrupt and greedy.

The actions of this nut-job sets a precedent, it encourages more nut-jobs like him to have gatherings and defy the invertebrate leaders of the country. I can see many more such events across the land over the next few weeks but here is the ironic twist of fate.

These fanatics who defy social restriction policies are not immune to Covid 19 and perhaps in some strange way this pandemic will weaken another pandemic that has endured for over 1000 years. If ignorant arrogant people with fanatical beliefs continue to gather and defy science and common sense then they and their communities will fall victim to Covid 19. It’s simple, they will spread the virus among their fanatical base and their populations will decease. Some people are sadly so arrogant and fanatical that they cannot be reached and it is these people who will be claimed. So ironically this pandemic spawned in China can help reduce a much older pandemic spawned in the desert.

A Pandemic ironically is more successful at combating an older more dangerous pandemic than invertebrate politicians

No wonder why every year thousands of women try to leave their cities villages and overbearing families to escape this culture. It must be awful to have to listen to and adhere to these fanatics who are pretty much against everything that is not fanatical. Where do these women go? They come to places like Bali for a new and better life away from this cultures dogma to party up, drink some alcohol and wear hot pants.

They very soon develop a taste for freedom and off course, pork sausage. Foreign pork sausage, bigger, better and off course not the small skinless variety. Just one of the many new pleasures to experience including fish pie. It gets even better, they can actually get paid and earn money while partying and tasting a few of these pork sausages or pies on any given night. Yeah, must really piss of the nut-jobs. When this pandemic is over and tourism returns to Bali it will be very easy to meet up with on of these girls escaping an awful oppressive culture in search of a better life and to try your pork sausage or fish pie by contacting us.


Religion Intelligence and Sensuality

I have not a fan of religion and have a general belief that religion does much more harm than good in this world. Now I will try to at least be objective, not all religions are the same. Some are far more destructive and dangerous than others. Religions that preach violence and hate have zero place in the world today and have inflicted far too march carnage upon humanity. Some religions are less harmful but still disctructive.

Religion teaches us to have blind faith, to not question, to not be analytical and to remain faithful to the beliefs of the religion which means don’t learn about other religions or beliefs. This can actually be very useful to a ruler, ruling elite or government who wishes to create a culture of blind acceptance and conformity. All these things go against a scientific intelligent mind. A mind that has questions and wanted answers to questions instead of believing in one view or interpretation of the world based on superstition. A very wise man said ‘religion is the opium of the masses’. Meaning it’s like a drug that keeps people content and stupid. I totally agree.

Organised religion is a breeding ground of mass ignorance and stupidity. It creates divides and helps tear communities and apart. The world today and throughout human history is full of countless examples where religion have achieved disharmony and distruction. I am a firm believer that the more religious and nation or community is the lower the quality of life for the majority of people in that given community or nation. Indian, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, even the USA, all highly religious nations. Not the best quality of life. Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand South Korea, much less religious much better quality of life. Sure wealth also plays a part but I believe religion, IQ and quality of life or a nation are all highly related.

Not only does religion have a negative impact on a community or nation but also at an individual level. It can impact on the quality and life experience of a person in a negative way.

My main issue with religion is for the most they try to control or suppress sexuality, this is especially the case in Abrahamic theology. Sex is not for pleasure but for creation of life. Sex is something that occurs between married adults. Screw that!!!

Ideas of sex between people who are not married are usually prohibited, further, sex with more than one partner, sex with multiple partners at the same time, group sex, sex with a person of the same gender. These are all totally forbidden, further to this, female sexuality is extremely scrutinised. Sex is physical pleasure and animalistic. Most religions preach we are not merely part of nature but above nature, we are humans and therefore special and transcend above bodily lusts and desires. My thoughts, yeah screw all that. Live life now and have a threesome or participate in an orgy. So don’t wait till you are dead and rotting to get 72 virgins, experience 72 sexual partners while you are alive, partners who are highly experiences, who wants a boring virgin.. Why stop at 72, enjoy life, move into the 21st Century and instead of praying to some make believe deity make physical pleasure your knew religion. When this crap pandemic is over you can experience a pleasurable massage with out service in Bali.

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