Today is a world of hypocrisy and taboo but it was not always this way. Unloading on a female partner’s face and giving them a warm facial was once seen as the ultimate sign of respect. Fortunately in Bali with our service, you can enjoy a Bali massage and facial, our therapists are only too pleased to receive your manliness either on the face on in the mouth.

Enjoy a sensual Bali Massage and finish of with a Facial

Facials are usually thought of as an afterthought or an addition to a sexual encounter. However, in some cultures, especially Asian ones, they are viewed as a special form of artistic expression. If you intend to get someone else to come and stroke your face or even let you come on his face, you should know how to go about it properly. This article will discuss what you need to do in order to make sure you do not hurt somebody’s feelings or ruin someone else’s evening.

Semen facials have been popular in Asia for years. In the Far East, semen facial treatments are often offered as part of couples’ retreats or to help couples conceive a child. The idea behind the semen facial is simple. A therapist applies warm compresses to the face, removing the dirt and debris from under the skin. The therapist then massages the face using his hands in a circular motion, causing the dirt and grime to be drawn out along the facial skin.

A Facial is deeply satifying for both the participant and the therapist

Most women I surveyed who had undergone a semen facial said that they did not feel uncomfortable, no matter how the process was done. Nearly all of the respondents said they would go again if they were given the opportunity. A few women said that they would be more comfortable if the therapist rubbed her entire body instead of just the face.

The concept behind a semen facial is not entirely clear. Some therapists claim that semen has healing properties, while others base their procedure on old, folkloric practices that correlate semen production with beauty. According to one folkloric theory, the face is the mirror to the soul and when the soul is exposed, the face will also lose its beauty. If a man ejaculates more than other men during intercourse, this might be a sign of his sexual dysfunction. Therefore, using a semen facial to restore beauty in the face is a logical solution.

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