November 2019

Facials are the ultimate sign of respect

Many guys enjoy climaxing of their partners face or mouth. Why? It’s just sexy and visually and physically very satisfying. It’s not rocket science, if people, lots of people are doing it then their must be a reason and that reasons is not overly complicated. Now this may come as a surprise but women also love it when a guy blows his load all over their face or in their mouth. Their man has climaxed and his has left his mark, it is a sign of total satisfaction.

Now some people think this is disgusting or disrespectful, we don’t care much about those people. There world is full of angry and jealous people who cant have full erections or get wet and lubricated. That is their problem and if they are upset that people enjoy sensual experiences then we simply don’t care. I am a woman and have enjoy multiple partners and if they don’t finish on my face or in my mouth I will assert my female dominance and give them a hard kick. I expect to taste my partners DNA, their is nothing more fulfilling.

It is 2019 and when people are together their should always be respect so it’s time for us girls to show our partners the highest level or respect and allow them the privilege of unloading on us. Now for some very interesting trivia, seamen is actually very good for the skin so don’t thing it is some kind of poisonous acid. Now off course if you are parting with money for some oral pleasure with one of our therapists be assured they not only expect but will look forward to you depositing in their mouth or face. It is somewhat liberating to discuss and share this information with you. Be sure to check out our prices if you want a happy ending massage and are in Bali

September 2019

Ban Sex no Ban stupid religious zealots

I have long suspected people who become ultra prudish and use religion to stop people expressing their sensuality have some very serious inadequacy.  Maybe, it does not work, they cannot have an erection, or the moisture has all dried up and sexual pleasure is impossible.  They end up becoming jealous and hate what they can no longer experience and go on some crusade to ensure everyone must be miserable like them.

I think it is an outrage that a government, a very feeble government all too frequently yields to the demands of ultra prudish religious fanatics who are extremely vocal, aggressive and act with fear and intimidation.  The problem is they are bullies and have been able to, in certain societies been aloud to intimidate bully and control.

It is 2019 and thankfully now I can see every action these zealots take will be very soon be met with and equally powerful action from the students.  Students are young, energised and will not be intimidated by these religious nut jobs who have a hatred for sexuality.  So I implore students in their tens of thousands to not protest against a flaccid government but turn your attention to the root cause of the problem.  You know who these radical groups who are, always angry, always offended and always using religion to get their way.  You know who the leaders of these prudish controlling groups are so in your tens of thousands go to their house in the early hours of the morning and take your protest to their doorstep.  Off course I believe in peaceful demonstration but all to often these groups who try to stamp on you at with intimidation and violence to be prepared to defend yourself and bully the bully on their their doorstep.

Life is short have fun and have sex with who you want when you want.  Perhaps one great day we won’t focus on banning sex with non married couples and instead consider it’s time to ban long gone beliefs written thousands of years ago that are followed without question.  If you are in Bali and want a blow job feel free to contact us.   And if you are offended get a life.

August 2019

Menage A Trois, Are Threesomes all that?

So man guys and in fact many women fantasise about having a Menage A Trois, also know as a threesome.  Why do people fantasise about engaging in such an activity?  Well because it is perceived to be taboo, to be very bold and adventurous and also very pleasurable and fun.  So these are the perception, what it is really like?

So the first type of Heterosexual Threesome we will explore is where you would have one man and two women.  The guys is the King here and he has two women pleasing him but a good lover has a duty to please their partners.  So the guy on this occasion better to fit because he is going to have to put in some work.  He is going to experience two women in the bed and have better had is breakfast and coffee because it is going to be a workout.  The women may be into each other but more usually they will not want to touch each other and may get some performance anxiety or feel insure if one women physically is alot more desirable that the other.  If the women are into each other then this can be a real turn on for the man and for both women and I guess this is the ideal scenario.   Two women giving oral to the man at the same time can be a real turn on.  Before engaging in a Menage A Trios, it is best all parties know and are comfortable with each other.  On occasion during this activity one women will be submissive and will be totally dominated by the other woman and man.  This type of role play can also be a huge turn on.

The alternative to this is two guys and one girl.  This type of Threesome is becoming alot more common nowadays as women are becoming more sexually liberated.  The ideal is both men are very comfortable in each others presence and both please the woman.  The woman in turn pleases both men.  Usually one man will penetrate the woman while she gives oral to the other man.  Both men pleasing the woman and giving oral to the woman at the same time is a huge turn on and again role play can be adopted.  Commonly if one man is much better endowed he will take the role of the “Bull” and his role is for deep hard penetration and is the dominate partner.  The man who is notably smaller will be the “bench warmer”.  His role is to support the “Bull” in pleasing the woman and while the “Bull” penetrates he will caress the woman’s breasts and they will interchange between the “Bull” penetrating and the “Bench Warmer” giving oral pleasure.  The “Bench Warmer” may not even engage in penetration and many just be there to orally stimulate the woman.  Double Penetration can also be performed.  One man penetrates the pussy and the other the ass.  This is a fun position where everyone is happy. The man on the top is the dominate male.  The woman can be face down or face up.  Both men ideally are very comfortable being fully nude in each others presence.

Now one tip is to get a big enough bed.  Three people on a bed means you will need a full size bed.  Most importantly we believe you should if you have not already engage in a Threesome experimenmt and partake .  We are experts in turning fantasy into reality so if you are in Bali and want a threesome, blow job or happy ending massage contact us.