Facials are the ultimate sign of respect

Many guys enjoy climaxing of their partners face or mouth. Why? It’s just sexy and visually and physically very satisfying. It’s not rocket science, if people, lots of people are doing it then their must be a reason and that reasons is not overly complicated. Now this may come as a surprise but women also love it when a guy blows his load all over their face or in their mouth. Their man has climaxed and his has left his mark, it is a sign of total satisfaction.

Now some people think this is disgusting or disrespectful, we don’t care much about those people. There world is full of angry and jealous people who cant have full erections or get wet and lubricated. That is their problem and if they are upset that people enjoy sensual experiences then we simply don’t care. I am a woman and have enjoy multiple partners and if they don’t finish on my face or in my mouth I will assert my female dominance and give them a hard kick. I expect to taste my partners DNA, their is nothing more fulfilling.

It is 2019 and when people are together their should always be respect so it’s time for us girls to show our partners the highest level or respect and allow them the privilege of unloading on us. Now for some very interesting trivia, seamen is actually very good for the skin so don’t thing it is some kind of poisonous acid. Now off course if you are parting with money for some oral pleasure with one of our therapists be assured they not only expect but will look forward to you depositing in their mouth or face. It is somewhat liberating to discuss and share this information with you. Be sure to check out our prices if you want a happy ending massage and are in Bali

Published by Vixxxen

I am the author and am passionate about writing material related to this website as we all live a little pleasure and fun. Hope you enjoy Bali and our service.

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