February 2020

Double Oral Double The Pleasure

I once had a boyfriend from Holland and all he would do is eat me. He could not get enough of me, at least three times a day he would rip off my pants and go-to work. I really enjoyed the time we spent together. It was also a new experience for me as I was not always being eaten from the front. On many occasions he would just bend me over and has he termed it, eat dinner or desert. He would also frequently rim me and a session of oral with this crazy Dutch boy would last at least one hour. He would often say Asian women taste and smell very different to Western woman and further comment much much more tasty.

Just when I thought things could not improve they did. He was a bit of a freak and open minded so one day when his friend a German guy came to visit they both went to work on me at the same time. Now the pleasure of having one guy lick and tongue your pussy and another guy tongue and lick your butt hole is incredible. I cant describe the feeling in words but one thing is an absolute certainty. You must try it, you must if you are an open minded pleasure seeking woman allow two people to eat you and give pleasure to both your holes at the same time and this is a service we can help facilitate.

When a woman and man make a couples booking, One therapist will come out to see them, the role of the therapist is to give oral pleasure to both the man and woman, If you chose to engage in intercourse with your partner the therapist is an additional mouth or tongue who will provide oral pleasure to both members. A woman can perhaps for the first time experience her clit being tongued while she is being penetrated by her partner. This is extremely pleasurable for the lady but also a visual turn on for the man. Two tongues in two holes at the same time penetrating in and out can also be a real turn on for the woman.

Equally important the guy can enjoy double oral. Two women working the shaft is very pleasurable as is one working the pole and the other working the sack. A guy being able to climax in two mouths is also a real turn on and memorable experience

The whole point of this service is to experience new pleasures that you may have seen in an adult movie and want to try. Why not you are in Bali and are engaging in affordable discrete pleasure so if you happen to be on holiday and require an extra mouth or tongue then contact us and we will help your fantasy come to reality.

We fully encourage men to penetrate their partners while the therapist provides oral on their pole and partners hole/clit and we encourage both partners to finish in the therapists mouth or face. They love providing this sensual and classy service.

January 2020

Bukkake parties fun wild safe and great for the skin.

People today are becoming more and more open minded. They are exposed to new things and want to experience new things first hand. Women have finally becoming more liberated and the great news is women in certain misogynistic cultures particularly in the Middle East and South Asia are now finally becoming more liberated and expressing themselves sensually.

We have seen of recent times Asian women and white men dating more and more and this will in the future become even more prevalent as Asian women who attain more freedom, money and knowledge will choice white men over Asian men. Things don’t really change but they move in cycles. The 80s thanks to AIDS was extremely conservative as was the 90s and 2000s. We are finally loosening up and going back to the orgies and key parties or the 60s and 70s but not exactly the same.

Bukkake parties are becoming more and more popular. What is a bukkake. If is when more than two ie several men ejaculate on a lucky woman’s face. Basically covering the woman’s face with cum. It is much much safer than a gang-bang as there is a chance someone wont wear a condom when engaging in penetrative sex. With a bukkake there is no penetrative sex. Most of the time the woman will provide hand-jobs or the male participant will ejaculate on the women’s face or in their mouth. Their are no condoms and many men don’t like wearing condoms so a bukkake party is an excellent and safe alternative. Once a guy has blown his load he is happy and relaxed and many be able to go back for round two. It’s a group activity and is a real experience.

An open minded woman will find a bukkake a real turn on. She is literally surrounded by hard throbbing cocks, every woman’s dream. Again no penetration just a lot of pulling and hand job action until each guy unloads on her face. Interestingly this is extremely beneficial for the woman’s skin, many women who experience regular bukkake have extremely soft skin and look many years younger than their years suggest.

Bukkake is great fun for the male participants and the very lucky lady in the centre of all the action. I hope to see bukkake parties become more and more popular over the next few years especially with Asian Middle Eastern and South Asian woman who are rapidly becoming more liberated and dating white men instead of following cultural expectations and living a subservient life and being limited to only one man who usually is inadequate on every level. Women deserve better and both men and women deserves wild raw fun that is safe. If you are in Bali and at present unable to book a bukkake party we have the next best solution. You can book on of our therapists and they will be only too glad to receive your warm load either in their mouth or on their face. So be sure to contact us for some sensual fun.

December 2019

Natural Oral is Essential and A Sign of Respect in Bali

One of my girlfriends confessed she gives her boyfriend a blow job with a condom. I initially though she was joking and did not take her comment seriously. Then I soon realised she was serious. I was shocked. I would never give oral with a condom. I asked her why she gave oral with a condom and her response was even more suprinsing, she said she has always done it that way and will not change. No suprise her boyfriend soon broke up with her and this is a common issue with her. She can’t keep her man for very long.

I was compelled to give friendly advise. I asked her it she has ever had guys go down on her and off course she said yes. I asked her it they used a plastic bag over private parts when performing oral on her and she said no, touch on clit. Then she say the double standards. I gave her a dose of friendly and honest advise. I told her she needs to stop insulting her partners and show they respect. Oral with a condom is a slap in the face or any red blooded man. Further more I and many of my female friends believe swallowing is the ultimate sign of respect and a way to keep a man satisfied again and again. Swallowing shows your man you will do anything for him and welcome his load in it’s rightful place. If you are an asian lady as I am and want to get with a white guy this is even more so important, it is an expectation. When a guy goes down on a girl, there is an expectation. Touch on clit, nothing in the way. So ladies wake up, when you blow your guy make sure you show him respect. Natural oral and swallowing are expected.

Now for the great news. If you are on holiday in Bali and want a relaxing sensual massage with a happy ending we practise what we preach so oral is natural and feel free to unload in the mouth otherwise the therapist will be disappointed and thing you have not had fun.