How will the complete mismanagement of COVID 19 impact on Bali over the next few months?

So right from the onset of this pandemic the government and in particular the Minister of Health was in some kind of denial about it’s potential impact. Indonesia would in some way be immune to this virus, God will protect Indonesia from this virus. Drinking Jammu a drink made from tumeric would possibly cure COVID 19. Reporting no cases of the virus for many weeks when neighbour countries had hundred if not thousands of infections that is until people who visited Indonesia and returned home found out they caught the virus while on holiday. Yes so much for immunity and amazing boarded testing, more likely a total lack of sufficient reporting. Then when the virus started to spread, they response was pray harder. Like that has ever worked.

These were all preached by the Minister of Health who now is nowhere to be seen on public Television. Wounder why? Combine this with massive under reporting, completely unreliable data, no national response to manage this crisis, no national lock down and in many places no lock down at all. Can it get any worse? Off course, constantly tell people it’s all under control and the situation has been remarkably managed very well. Encourage people to travel, yes travel around Indonesia, off course we will test for COVID 19 prior to testing and off course screw up the testing. Lets embrace the new normal and just wear a mask and pretend the virus does not really exist any more. That is pretty much were Indonesia is at. Oh finally lets add in more scientific facts from the Governor of Bali, he stated arak, a local alcoholic drink could cure the virus. Yes we believe you, we believe you will say absolutely anything to get the economy moving again even it if is a complete fabrication and embarrassing. Amazing commitment.

No, the actions of the government have been purely to get the economy back to normal and make money for the rich and powerful. No real concern has been shown for the millions who could be potentially infected. So this is real situation, how will it impact on Bali?

Well very simply through complete mismanagement of this pandemic it will hurt Bali for many months. Regardless of what course was taken global tourism has been completely smashed along with most of Bali’s revenue but since the government made a decision to encourage people to travel domestically with many people coming to Bali from highly infected regions such as Surabaya and Jakarta they have opened Pandora’s box and we can expect the virus to spread out of control in Bali. Off course none of this will be reported or talked about domestically but the real problem is beyond Indonesia’ borders. Governments and scientists globally will and already have considered Indonesia and red zone, a country where COVID 19 has spread out of control, they wisely don’t believe the claims and figures of the Indonesian Government and suggested over one month ago there were over one million cases when the official figures were around 150000. So when the world slowly opens up countries like Indonesia which will be red zone countries and be excluded from trade tourism for a longer period of time and take longer to recover economically. This is the price you pay for prioritising the economy and the interested of the wealthy elites over the millions of lives who make up the majority of your population. Bali and Indonesia will take a very long time to recover so don’t rush to book a massage with us in the near future. .

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