Julia Perez: A Role Model to Millions of Young Indonesian Women

Julia Perez a role model to Indonesian women
Julia Perez doing what she does best, using her sexuality to gain power and money

Julia Perez was simply a woman who knew what she had and was not ashamed to use it and flaunt it. Julia came from humble beginnings like many women in Indonesia and was expected to conform to societal norms but that was not her path and she has encouraged millions of women in Indonesia to embrace their sexuality and femininity to break free from misogynistic cultural and religious repression.

Julia was a very attractive woman and used her asserts to gain fortune and fame. The path was not easy, she frequently clashed with religious nut-jobs and misogynistic pigs who wanted to keep women like her in their place but she was not one to take a backward step. She had great looks and a hole and was going to utilises these assets to their full extent.

Julia made many movies and was an entertainer in public and also very opinionated. She would frequently flaunt her sexuality and encouraged young girls to embrace their sensual side and use their looks, sensuality and hole to make money and enjoy life. Julia was known to date many men especially westerners which infuriated insecure Indonesia men who did not agree with her conduct and more specifically her ability to influence young women to follow her example.

Julia was a party girl, an extrovert and a social light. Her image was one of a sexual woman who not only had many encounters in private but would publicly let people in the media and fans know what she was up to behind closed doors. The main point with Julia was she was reaching out to the average young Indonesian woman and encouraging them to be just like her. The message was loud and clear, use your hole to get what you want. A promotion, a guy, money use it if you have it and know how to use it. If you don’t know how to use your hole be a real woman and learn how instead of some slave who cooks food for a misogynistic pig.

As much of a role model as she was religious nut jobs and chauvinists absolutely hated her and Julia would openly let them know she did not care. Sadly receiving too much cock from too many men might have taken it’s toll on poor Julia’s hole, she eventually contracted cervical cancer and now this beautiful inspirational woman is top soil but her message lives on. Use your hole, it’s your power, go out there and get what you want.

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