Religion Intelligence and Sensuality

I have not a fan of religion and have a general belief that religion does much more harm than good in this world. Now I will try to at least be objective, not all religions are the same. Some are far more destructive and dangerous than others. Religions that preach violence and hate have zero place in the world today and have inflicted far too march carnage upon humanity. Some religions are less harmful but still disctructive.

Religion teaches us to have blind faith, to not question, to not be analytical and to remain faithful to the beliefs of the religion which means don’t learn about other religions or beliefs. This can actually be very useful to a ruler, ruling elite or government who wishes to create a culture of blind acceptance and conformity. All these things go against a scientific intelligent mind. A mind that has questions and wanted answers to questions instead of believing in one view or interpretation of the world based on superstition. A very wise man said ‘religion is the opium of the masses’. Meaning it’s like a drug that keeps people content and stupid. I totally agree.

Organised religion is a breeding ground of mass ignorance and stupidity. It creates divides and helps tear communities and apart. The world today and throughout human history is full of countless examples where religion have achieved disharmony and distruction. I am a firm believer that the more religious and nation or community is the lower the quality of life for the majority of people in that given community or nation. Indian, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, even the USA, all highly religious nations. Not the best quality of life. Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand South Korea, much less religious much better quality of life. Sure wealth also plays a part but I believe religion, IQ and quality of life or a nation are all highly related.

Not only does religion have a negative impact on a community or nation but also at an individual level. It can impact on the quality and life experience of a person in a negative way.

My main issue with religion is for the most they try to control or suppress sexuality, this is especially the case in Abrahamic theology. Sex is not for pleasure but for creation of life. Sex is something that occurs between married adults. Screw that!!!

Ideas of sex between people who are not married are usually prohibited, further, sex with more than one partner, sex with multiple partners at the same time, group sex, sex with a person of the same gender. These are all totally forbidden, further to this, female sexuality is extremely scrutinised. Sex is physical pleasure and animalistic. Most religions preach we are not merely part of nature but above nature, we are humans and therefore special and transcend above bodily lusts and desires. My thoughts, yeah screw all that. Live life now and have a threesome or participate in an orgy. So don’t wait till you are dead and rotting to get 72 virgins, experience 72 sexual partners while you are alive, partners who are highly experiences, who wants a boring virgin.. Why stop at 72, enjoy life, move into the 21st Century and instead of praying to some make believe deity make physical pleasure your knew religion. When this crap pandemic is over you can experience a pleasurable massage with out service in Bali.

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