A Pandemic vs A Pandemic

Last month I wrote and article on religion and intelligence. One month later I came across a great example of religious fanatics doing what they do. It’s not hard find a group of religious fanatics acting completely irresponsible, arrogant and causing potential public danger.

In Jakarta, Indonesia the leader of a fanatical religion group in the middle of a pandemic organises a massive gathering. Which religion would allow such a group of irresponsible people to participate in such an event. The religion that causes 95% or more of the worlds religious related atrocities. The leader of a group decides to celebrate their so called prophet’s birthday along with the marriage of his daughter. What can this man do to openly defy Covid 19 restrictions. Invite thousands of followers into a room where it is so packed it’s impossible to socially distance. Yes in the middle of a pandemic let’s invite thousands of people. This is a very powerful action, it’s a clear message. Power!!!

This religious leader is exercising absolute power, he is making his own rules and demonstrating how weak the politicians really are. Any politician with a backbone would have the gathering stopped and the organisers fined or locked up. Unfortunately the prerequisite to be a politicians is to be an invertebrate along with being totally corrupt and greedy.

The actions of this nut-job sets a precedent, it encourages more nut-jobs like him to have gatherings and defy the invertebrate leaders of the country. I can see many more such events across the land over the next few weeks but here is the ironic twist of fate.

These fanatics who defy social restriction policies are not immune to Covid 19 and perhaps in some strange way this pandemic will weaken another pandemic that has endured for over 1000 years. If ignorant arrogant people with fanatical beliefs continue to gather and defy science and common sense then they and their communities will fall victim to Covid 19. It’s simple, they will spread the virus among their fanatical base and their populations will decease. Some people are sadly so arrogant and fanatical that they cannot be reached and it is these people who will be claimed. So ironically this pandemic spawned in China can help reduce a much older pandemic spawned in the desert.

A Pandemic ironically is more successful at combating an older more dangerous pandemic than invertebrate politicians

No wonder why every year thousands of women try to leave their cities villages and overbearing families to escape this culture. It must be awful to have to listen to and adhere to these fanatics who are pretty much against everything that is not fanatical. Where do these women go? They come to places like Bali for a new and better life away from this cultures dogma to party up, drink some alcohol and wear hot pants.

They very soon develop a taste for freedom and off course, pork sausage. Foreign pork sausage, bigger, better and off course not the small skinless variety. Just one of the many new pleasures to experience including fish pie. It gets even better, they can actually get paid and earn money while partying and tasting a few of these pork sausages or pies on any given night. Yeah, must really piss of the nut-jobs. When this pandemic is over and tourism returns to Bali it will be very easy to meet up with on of these girls escaping an awful oppressive culture in search of a better life and to try your pork sausage or fish pie by contacting us.

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