Large Vagina Lips Hot or Gross.

Many people in particular women consider large pussy lips to be disgusting and an absolute turn off.  Men are more varied in their preference some think its attractive and a turn on while others find it off putting.  Some women show off their lips and add ear rings and all kinds of piercings to them while historically some tribles have removed them in a similar way the male foreskin in removed something i cannot fathom and will never accept.

Larger lips usually mean more nerve ending which can mean more pleasure or a greater sensation for a woman endowed with larger lips. This really is just speculatory but i personally think they make for something interesting to gaze upon.  Again we are generalising once more but from a hygene point of view their may be a bit more scrubbing required or perhaps a bit more attention to part and open when washing.

Lip reduction surgery is a multi million dollar industry and women who are uncomfortable with their larger than regular lips will seek surgery to make them reduce in size. Many men would dissaprove of this practice but then it is not their bodies and everyone has a choice

My thoughts on the matter ae simple. If you have it be proud of it and show it off and if your have small or normal sized vaginal lips then be happy with what you have.  As long as everything works down there and you can feel pleasure then give yourself or better still get someone else to give you an orgasim.   As for pleasure it would be interesting to find if guys are more turned of or if the sensation and pleasure is hightened when penettating a woman with large vaginal lips.

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