Well the short answer is no. Wait well yes and no. I have a preference as a woman and that is an uncut cock. This is however a personal preference. If you have sex with an uncut guy and a cut guy and they both wear condoms then they will feel the same. If you take off the condom their is a difference in the way a cut and uncut cock will feel. My preference is definitely for the uncut cock. Is simply slides in a lot easier. The foreskin retracts on entry and it is just easier to get in.

Obviously the cut cock is cleaner and has no odor but the uncut cock can be clean if washed recently. Uncut cocks do have an odor but no way as strong as a woman’s pussy. Basic hygiene takes care of this problem.  I recently had a threesome with my girlfriend and another guy who was cut, his cock had a very strong odor but that was because he has just come out of my friends hole.  If you stick your finger in that will also smell if it has been up a hole.

Visually a cut and uncut cock that is retracted as seen in the picture below look every similar and both are appealing however I think the uncut cock looks more interesting. An uncut cock with the foreskin rolled over the glans however does not look very appealing. Once again these are personal opinions.

I will say that jerking off an uncut guy and giving them a blow job is much more easy and more fun as well. Guys that are uncut from my personal experience are usually more sensitive as well. Nature indented cocks to have foreskin so why mess with that because you belong to a stupid religion. My preference is uncut all the way but if your stupid parents gave you the snip there is not real major different so be happy with what you have got. Are you in Bali and require a blow job or happy ending massage? You know who to contact.

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