Fudging the Figures will not cure COVID 19

So the Covid 19 Crissis has been completely miss mannaged and this pandemic is going to get worse and worse while many neighbouring counrties have successfully flatterned the curve and their numbers are decreasing. Am I suprised, absolutely not. It was mismanaged before the crisis even began.

No lock down, no unified national approach to tackle this problem, complete changes in the approach to deal with this problem from one week to another. People still going to mosques and then finally advised that they should consider not going to a mosque and no policing or enforcement or even a definition of social distancing. Just a very poor attempt to deal with this Covid 19 crisis. Combine this with extremely poor leadership and a completely incompetent Health Minister who believed that the Nation was immune to the virus and all that was required was to pray to God. So no, I am not surprised that this is a complete mess.

The Official Figures in Bali are All Wrong

The main concern with the current administration is not to defeat or even fight the pandemic, it is all about keeping face. Not looking completely incompetent. The results coming out on the number of cases and deaths are massively wrong and I mean completely fudged. Their is mass under-reporting. The most important requirement to fight this virus is to track how many people have contracted the virus and how many have died. There is a complete lack of reporting on the cases and deaths. Is this deliberate? Who knows but when the agenda is to keep face anything is possible. The actual figures could be more than 20 times the official reports. The real numbers would be comparable to India and Brazil who currently lead the world with number of infections and deaths but we will never know, at least not in the near futures. Their object was never to fight the pandemic, it was to all about keeping face so they will keep on fudging the figures and massively under-report on cases and deaths. It will not help fight the pandemic, hiding a problem won’t make it go away. When will Bali be safe to visit? Not for a very long time.

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