People know Kuta to be a cheap place to hand out and drink lots of alcohol.  Yes that is correct, that is why people goto this dive of a place.  It is full of tacky souvenirs that are massively marked up and no longer a bargin.  In fact I know many places in Singapore that are cheaper.  The area also attracts lots for Bogans “rednecks from Australia” who are after some cheap food and cheap women.  Brown girls love white cock, and in Kuta there are plenty of brown girls and plenty of white cock.  No be very careful, there are plenty of massage parlours offering a happy ending massage or hand job or blow job but most are just a complete waste of time.  To get this type of service the parlour will have to pay off corrupt officials in uniforms “you know the type” who are consumed by greed and add zero value.  So who pays for this, you do the consumer.  There is a better way, contact us and we will ensure you get your dick sucked and stroked for a very good price that is extremely satisfying.  The service is in the privacy of your own villa/hotel and you just have to pay one person, the girl providing the service.

Kuta the place for a happy ending massage, blow job or hand relief.  Time to enjoy paradise.

If you came to Kuta and did not experience the below for well under $100 you did not really come to Bali.  Don’t miss out, before you head off to the airport get on that Plane back to where ever you have come from make your you experience the wonders of the Island.  Cold beer and let the professional unzip your pants and go to work.

Published by Vixxxen

I am the author and am passionate about writing material related to this website as we all live a little pleasure and fun. Hope you enjoy Bali and our service.

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